Message from the Top - CORPORATE PROFILE

For 106 years, Uchida Yoko has played an important role in the development of our nation by providing products andservices to businesses and educational institutions in line with the evolving demands of the marketplace.

The Japanese economy is at a major turning point. Social and economic structures are undergoing an enormous transformation due mainly to the rapidly declining birthrate, which is expected to have a drastic impact on the workingage population from 2020 onwards. Key clients of the Uchida Yoko group in the business, local government and education sectors are grappling with the anticipated changes. In order to boost productivity and create new industries, we need to change the way we approach work, particularly in terms of attitudes to work and promoting diversity. Meanwhile, the national government is pursuing a complete overhaul of the education sector from elementary through to university levels designed to better equip our young people for the challenges of the future, with a key focus on the “active learning” approach to teaching.

The 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo will be accompanied by a push to boost employment opportunities in regional areas and new approaches to town planning centered on the provision of more public spaces to bring people together.

In a bid to harness the major transformations underway in Japan, the Uchida Yoko group has developed a threepronged strategy consisting of: Transforming Work, which is designed to promote intellectual productivity; Transforming Learning, which supports the active learning approach in classrooms and lecture theaters; and Transforming Communities, which seeks to revitalize local economies.

Founded in 1910, Uchida Yoko boasts a long and proud history of working with a wide range of both public and private sector clients. In recent years we have also developed a strong ICT presence, to the extent that ICT projects now account for two-thirds of total revenue. These two revenue streams provide the company with a solid platform for future growth as part of ongoing management reforms.

The Uchida Yoko group is actively pursuing new business models, with a strong focus on network solutions centered around IoT and Big Data, and working to adapt to changes in the marketplace. To this end, we are committed to the three-pronged strategy of Transforming Work, Transforming Learning and Transforming Communities as a means of addressing some of the key challenges for our nation in the post-2020 period.

President and Chief Executive Officer Noboru Okubo

President and Chief Executive Officer Noboru Okubo