ISO 14001/9001/27001/27017 certification

Management systems for product development and associated departments at Uchida Yoko have been granted three forms of certification from ISO, the International Organization for Standardization.

  • ISO 14001

    Management System

    Environmental considerations in product assessment

    Uchida Yoko is committed to reducing our overall consumption of energy and resources. We are also committed to making our products more environmentally friendly through a product assessment process that examines the environmental impact of all stages of the product life cycle, from design and development through to production, distribution, product usage and final disposal.


  • ISO 9001

    Management System

    Quality standards that promote confidence and customer satisfaction

    The ISO9001 certification is an acknowledgement of our ability to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards in line with customer expectations and our commitment to the pursuit of customer satisfaction. We are proud of our reputation in the industry as reflected in the ISO certification.


  • ISO 27001

    Information Security
    Management System

    Corporate information security system

    Robust security strategies based on comprehensive risk analysis protect company information assets from security breaches such as unauthorized access, theft, leakage, tampering, loss and destruction of data.


  • ISO 27017

    Cloud service security

    Information security for cloud services

    The information security of our cloud services has been certified. We provide a safe cloud environment to customers, and we take measures to ensure security during use.