Message from the Top - CORPORATE PROFILE

Striving to Revolutionize the Ways We Work, Learn, and Cultivate Places and Communities

Here at Uchida Yoko, we appreciate the continued encouragement and support so kindly provided by our customers, partners, local community members and shareholders.

The year 2020 will be the year of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, and we expect growth in the Japanese economy marked by increased capital investment, greater numbers of visitors from abroad, and other such changes. However, our society also faces a number of difficult challenges from 2020 onward, including industry structural reforms and human resource cultivation to counter rapid declines in the working-age population brought about by low birth rates.

Many corporations, government agencies and other such organizations are urging productivity improvements, greater promotion of diversity, and other major reforms to the ways in which we work.In schools and other educational institutions as well, the national government is pursuing educational reforms from the elementary and junior high levels through to university education by introducing active learning and otherwise changing the ways in which we study and learn. Moreover, many believe that community and city planning reforms for places where people gather will serve as effective revitalization measures for local communities that maximize the benefits provided by growing foreign tourist numbers and other such changes. In all of these areas, usage of information and communications technology (ICT) will be vital, ranging from cloud computing and other data usage technologies through to artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT) technology.

At the Uchida Yoko Group, we believe that cultivating environments which fully utilize the knowledge and experience of people together with ICT is key to solving problems and overcoming challenges faced by our customers, and to this end we established our corporate vision, "creating value from data and collaborating in the design of knowledge." Based on this vision, we are pursuing revolutions in the ways we work, learn, and cultivate places and communities—all needs of our customers today—by utilizing as resources our wide range of client relationships cultivated on a historic scale with a diverse array of both private and public organizations, as well as unique business operations comprising ICT-related business operations (which account for 60% of Group sales) and environment-creation business operations (which account for the other 40%).

The year 2020 marks the 110th anniversary of the Uchida Yoko Group. Through contributions to the realization of Society 5.0 from this year forward, we plan to retool our management operations over the mid- and long term with an eye to the next 100 years of progress.

President and Chief Executive Officer Noboru Okubo

President and Chief Executive Officer Noboru Okubo