Main areas of business - CORPORATE PROFILE

Main areas of business

Transforming Work,
Transforming Learning
and Transforming Communities

From 2020 onward, Uchida Yoko will pursue the creation of new value in order to realize Society 5.0.

Creation of Group Synergy to Promote the Reformation of
“Styles of Working,”“Educational Systems” and
“City Development Systems”

The Uchida Yoko Group, as a whole, will reconstruct its core businesses to extend beyond its traditional segment to serve the new social needs that will arise from the changes in the social/industrial structures that are expected to take place after 2020, by using its unique business platform that is built on its relationships with various clients that have been cultivated through 110 years of history, and the balanced business portfolio which includes ICT and environmental fields, encompassing both private and public sectors.

Uchida Yoko group - Operations

Private Sector

Public Sector

Environmental construction-related business, etc.

Private market
overseas document related

  • Document & ECO solution
  • Digital finisher
  • Hobby, craft and stationery products

Private market
listed companies, global companies, etc.

  • Planning and development of office furniture
  • Office space design, development and transfer service
  • “Work style reformation” consulting service

Educational market
elementary & middle schools

  • Educational devices
  • Mail order business for schools

Educational, public market
schools, public facilities, etc.

  • School facilities
  • Creation of offices for public-use facilities and national/local government agencies
  • University-oriented consulting services and creation of education environments

ICT-related businesses

Private market
listed companies, global companies, etc.

  • IT infrastructure development & cloud implementation support
  • Software managed services
    Information technology (IT) asset management services
  • Smart building solution

Private market
Industries including food, logistics, construction, etc.

  • ERP package by industry

Educational market
board of education for elementary, middle, high schools and universities

  • Educational ICT
  • University ICT

Government agencies and municipalities market
ministries, municipalities, libraries, welfare

  • ICT solution for government agencies and municipalities
  • Welfare business service
  • Library ICT
  • Private Market Business


  • Education, public market business


  • Uchida Yoko Global Business