Main areas of business - CORPORATE PROFILE

Uchida Yoko Global Business

Uchida Yoko boasts a truly global production and distribution network, with sales outlets and agencies promoting trusted Uchida Yoko branded products and services throughout the world (with a particular focus on Japanese clients operating in east and southeast Asia). We are actively pursuing the development of good-quality low-cost products targeted at expanding markets in emerging economies.

We expand production sites particularly in Asia and supply products worldwide.

Uchida Yoko global network

Overseas Group Companies

Uchida Yoko Global
Uchida Yoko Global
Uchida Yoko Office Facilities (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong
Uchida Yoko Global Limited (Head Office)
Kuala Lumpur
Uchida MK Sdn. Bhd.
Los Angeles
Uchida of America, Corp.

Uchida Yoko Global Business

Machine(Print Finishing Machines)

Uchida Yoko supplies a range of post-printing machines such as paper folders, cutters, bundlers and counters.Uchida Yoko products enjoy strong market share at printing companies and offices around the world, particularly in Europe.

  • Aero Cut One

  • TAPIT Petit

  • Countron OP

Stationery(Marvy-Uchida Markers)

Stationery products include a wide range of marker pens and other writing instruments for craft and hobby pursuits as well as for industrial and office use. Marker pens include cloth markers and other high-quality Marvy-Uchida that are popular throughout the world, particularly in North America.

  • DecoColor XF
    DecoColor XF


Office Furniture

We provide a range of unique value-add products primarily for Asian markets, such as the D-MOLO interconnected desk for large-scale control centers; the AJ chair, designed specifi cally for Asian markets with Japanese styling and build quality; and SmartInfill, which can be used to create flexible interior office confi gurations built around IT.


  • D-MOLO

ICT Products

We supply a range of user-friendly ICT tools for meetings and solution spaces, including projectors, monitors, wireless presentation equipment and electronic whiteboards for remote collaboration and data transfer in real time.

  • Oiteminfo2

  • codemari lite
    SMART Board

Education Products

We provide a full range of electronic whiteboards and other ICT products, along with classroom science materials and supplies and language learning materials.

  • e-blackboard

  • Digital Microscope