Main areas of business - CORPORATE PROFILE

Uchida Yoko Group

Private Market Business

  • Planning and development of office furniture

    Products designed for flexible and autonomous workspaces
    • Office furniture and furnishings designed to promote freedom of choice within the office environment and boost productivity while complying with social distancing requirements
    • High-quality office furniture and furnishings designed to environmental standards
    • ICT meeting and conference tools and digital signage
  • Office space design, development and transfer service

    Spatial design of central office and satellite offices
    • We propose "active commons" facilities in which workers can personally select the optimal environments for their assigned tasks.
    • Environmental construction & engineering including the selection of furniture that match the office space and its interior design, ICT network, electronics, lighting and the style of working.
    • Supervision and project management related to office relocation service including property searches, budget creation, contractor hiring, scheduling and cost management. Total support that spans the categories of investigation, implementation, operation and evaluation.
  • Smart office systems integration

    Communication infrastructure and integrated building management
    • Platform that supports any combination of SmartRooms booking system for meeting rooms, groupware and room booking systems and network equipment and devices, and integrates with worker location information (SmartRooms installed in 14,000 rooms at 470 clients as of January 2021)
    • Network/cloud and AI/IoT based system that allows remote operation and monitoring of heating, cooling and lighting systems, error detection and fault prediction across multiple office buildings from any smartphone or tablet device
  • “Work style reformation” consulting service

    Consulting Service with Independent Methodology and Numerous Achievements

    The Change Working Consulting is a service that reforms styles of working, which is provided by the Chiteki Seisansei Kenkyujo (Institute of Knowledge Collaboration), an internal research institute of our group.
    Services based on unique methodologies such as Change Working strategy map and scene making method

  • IT infrastructure development, cloud implementation & Security & Data manipulation

    Cloud Network Building
    • Construction of server/storage virtualization integration infrastructure.
    • Development of network infrastructure, and infrastructure for IP tel/video conferences for office buildings and several of its bases.
    • Security enhancement via integrated ID authentication solution, vein authentication and virtual desktops.
    • Supporting multiple devices including computers and smartphones and providing protection against malware and unauthorized access to data
    • Network security systems for telecommuting (working from home)
    • Integrated tracking of IDs and access privileges across multiple systems
    Data manipulation
    • Using data analysis of groupware, office sensors, and chronological workplace usage tracking to boost meeting efficiency and introduce more flexible working arrangements
    • Cross-referenced analysis of data generated by workplace systems in areas such as development, finance, accounts, client management, production and distribution
  • Software licensing, IT asset management, kitting services

    Software licensing and subscriptions
    • Combined contracts and procurement services across multiple global licenses optimized for Japanese businesses
    • Dedicated online marketplace for subscription services
    • Cloud management of software licenses
      IT asset contracts, inventory and finance management; global service fee optimization; subscription management and SaaS usage tracking
    Asset management outsourcing
    • IT asset management system
      IT asset management (ITAM) solutions geared toward universities and other educational institutions, local government agencies, corporations, etc.
    • Managed services
      Service desks for businesses and schools, WiFi management, end-point security managed services, security patch tracking
    Computer kitting and maintenance
    • Multi-vendor, multi-OS and multi-device, hardware and software, on-site maintenance
    • Computer subscription services
    • Corporate help desk
    • Computer kitting
    • Operational support and deployment services from ICT support staff
  • Meeting room solutions

    • ICT solutions such as sensor-based spatial management and conferencing systems
    • Installation/operation of telecommuting solutions using electronic whiteboards and teleconferencing systems
  • Document solution

    • Provide an efficient output environment by collaborating with various solution partners to connect core systems, cloud services, software, all-in-ones and printers together.
  • ECO solution

    • Provide a one-stop service to corporations, government agencies, school facilities, etc., that are taking energy conservation and environmental measures: LED lighting investigation and proposals for energy-saving products, and its construction. Support the energy saving and cost reduction.
  • Digital finisher

    Product development and sale for the digital finishing market
    • Post-processing machines for the digital finishing market (including sheet folding, cutting and counting machines)
  • Industry-specific ERP cloud services

    Super Cocktail Core small business ERP solution

    Launched in 1997, the Super Cocktail series is the top-selling ERP package for small business in the domestic market, used by over 5,500 clients in 450 different industries.

    • Food industry
      For the food industry, we support for HACCP compliance through system integration, which can easily be expanded to add functionality such as food traceability. Incoming and outgoing delivery inspection is integrated with inventory management. Systems are tailored to specific processes from food manufacturing through to retail. Used in over 100 industries.
    • Suitable for a range of industries including logistics, chemical products and equipment installation
      Functions and features are tailored to standard business practice and expectations in each specific industry. Integrated control over all processes from procurement through to production and sale enables process optimization combined with the PDCA cycle for the manufacturing industry, while better external coordination helps to minimize administrative losses and reduce lead times.
    • PROCES.S ERP system for construction industry
      Used by over 350 construction companies, PROCES.S boasts a number of new features offering complete design freedom over internal controls and forms, as well as auto classification and APIs to support more flexible working arrangements.
    • Smaw apartment management system
      Japan’s leading apartment management system now provides enhanced mobile browsing and document creation features for improved information sharing with clients along with document control and exclusive equipment reports. Smaw also features an intuitive display showing repair history for the apartment block as a whole.
  • Uchida Yoko Intellectual Productivity Institute

    Established in 1989, the Uchida Yoko Intellectual Productivity Institute conducts research studies and trials on boosting the intellectual productivity of office workers. In 2010 the Change Working® consulting service was launched as a vehicle for applying the findings of the research. THE PLACE for Change Working office, opened in late 2011, provides a dedicated venue for research trials.
    (Photograph shows THE PLACE for Change Working)